Inclusive Leaders Forum

Connecting Leaders to Drive the Change Towards Gender Leadership Inclusion In Workplaces

Inclusive Leaders Forum @ Rise & Lead is our partnership program that connects executives from global companies to share valuable cross-industry insights and actionable takeaways. The forum fosters meaningful relationships among network members, shares winning practices and innovative ideas, and supports and amplifies partners’ gender inclusion initiatives.

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The Inclusive Leaders Forum is a quarterly executive Roundtable that brings together industry executives from global organizations in a safe space for an open and candid dialogue on advancing women to decision making positions. Leaders share what they are doing to foster gender inclusion, what progress has been made, what obstacles they see, benchmark against best practices and how they plan to move forward. This roundtable, therefore, will focus on sharing ideas, insights and action steps that we can all take and implement in our workplaces. It’s also a way to connect leaders and foster relationships among peers.

Why Inclusive Leaders Forum?

Gender diversity has been a central topic of discussion for years, but progress has been slow. Businesses with at least 30 per cent of women in leadership roles are 12 times more likely to excel financially. These organizations are 1.4 times more likely to produce sustained, profitable growth (The DDI’s Global Leadership Report).

 Yet, research reveals a disturbing trend in how female representation drops the higher up you go in leadership ranks. According to a McKinsey study for Lean In, although women make up 50% of entry-level corporate positions, this drops to 25% at the executive level and around 7% at the CEO level. Why are women falling off the leadership ladder or getting stuck at the bottom steps? We know it is not a lack of capable, qualified, and motivated women leaders. 

 What can we do to change this?

  It’s important to recognize the unique challenges women face at work and how they ultimately affect the progress made so far. 

Are you ready to drive change and make your workforce more diverse and a great place to work? Are you prepared to create equal opportunities and create an environment where everyone thrives? 

Inclusive Leaders Forum is a platform dedicated to helping organizations drive the change towards building inclusive cultures that attract and advance a diverse range of women in the workplace and the marketplace.

For Whom?

    For corporate leaders who:

  1. Want to drive inclusive leadership at all levels of the organisation
  2. Have a shortage of women or people of ethnic minorities in their talent pipeline at the middle management and top-level
  3. Want to improve innovation and gain more significant market share through diversifying their workforce or working with minoritty suppliers
  4. Want to collaborate and network with cross-industry executives to share ideas and best practices

By joining the Inclusive Leaders Network, organizations prove their commitment to advancing women, attracting diverse talents, and promoting inclusive practices.


Get the support you need to design a strategy for your female leadership advancement


Complimentary registration for up to 30 employees to join the Rise and Lead Network, a private network that provides education, mentorship and community for women in leadership. Open to inclusion champions, allies and aspiring female leaders


Opportunity for one of your senior executives to join the Rise and Lead Mentoring Faculty for a cross-industry mentorship program


Attend 2 to 4 executive Roundtable conversations on a topic that matters


Opportunity to showcase your thought leadership during our events, summits and leadership development programs

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