Inclusive Leaders Network

Fostering valuable connections, education and a platform to share best practices and cross-industry insights to accelerate diversity and inclusion initiatives.

Inclusive Leaders Network is a platform dedicated to helping organizations drive the change towards building inclusive cultures that attract, retain and advance diverse women and underrepresented groups in workplaces.

Our members benefit from our various advisory solutions.

How do we provide value to our members?

We offer exclusive and tailored solutions to our members which includes:

  1. Diversity & Inclusion Assessments and implementation roadmap
  2. Design and deliver customised, engaging and experiential curriculums, D & I and Leadership workshops
  3. Leadership development and networking opportunities for diverse talent and people of ethnic minorities
  4. Internal Events and Speaking
  5. Customised programs, events and media activation

For Whom?

    For corporate leaders who:

  1. Want to drive inclusive leadership at all levels of the organisation
  2. Have a shortage of women or people of ethnic minorities in their talent pipeline at the middle management and top-level
  3. Want to improve innovation and gain more significant market share through diversifying their workforce or working with minoritty suppliers
  4. Want to collaborate and network with cross-industry executives to share ideas and best practices

By joining the Inclusive Leaders Network, organizations prove their commitment to advancing women, attracting diverse talents, and promoting inclusive practices.


Fill your pipeline with diverse professionals


Access to a highly skilled and diverse workforce


Increases awareness of cultural and gender bias at every level of your leadership pipeline


Build an inclusive workplace culture for an increased sense of belonging among team members

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