“Rise To Leadership” is a personal leadership development program for ambitious women in business who want to elevate their career to top leadership, increase their value to their organization and make an impact in the world.

Are you ready to create the career of your dream?

To fast-track your career to top leadership, you first need to understand your unique value, find your voice, create a vision of growth, and start leveraging your gifts and influence to gain exposure and access to decision-makers.

Rise to Leadership program is your opportunity to cultivate the confidence you need to hone your leadership competencies and rise.

In over 9 weeks, this live hands-on educational experience aims to equip you with the mindset and vision to lead successfully at the highest level.

Learning Outcomes

Know Yourself

Discover what makes you unique so you can show up with authenticity and impact the world

Leadership Voice

Find your leadership voice and use it to create the career of your dream

Growth Plan

A 3-year Vision & Plan to help you envision the future you want to create for yourself and stay committed to your growth

What You Get:

5 live virtual group sessions each module every other week and at the end of each session, group exercises and assignments to ensure that each session is hands-on and actionable.
4 Live monthly mentor sessions with executive leaders and role models. Get clarity and advice from senior executives and role models who are paying it forward to emerging women leaders.
Self-paced Worksheets to guide you in completing all the exercises
Private Slack channel for interactions with other participants, insight sharing, Q & A and feedback
Certificate of Completion
Valuable connections and access to a supportive network
Complimentary membership to Rise and Lead Professional Circle

Program Fees

€155 of 5-monthly payment
Or one-time payment of €700 (excl. VAT)


The Rise to Leadership Program is a combination of instructor-led sessions and interactive discussions tailored to emerging leaders’ needs. The Program is developed by experienced leaders in collaboration with learning and development experts. 

[Thursday, January 28, 18.00 – 19.30 CEST] Module 1: What do you bring to the table? Gifts, talents, skills

Know yourself, how you influence, and the difference you’re here to make.

[Thursday, February 11, 18.00 – 19.30 CEST] Module 2: How do you make choices and decisions? Values & guiding principles.

Craft your value statement and your set of guiding principles to help you make life and business choices and take decisions regarding your career goals.

[Thursday, March 4, 18.00 – 19.30 CEST] Module 3: "Where do I want to go from here?" The future vision.

Craft a bold vision of where you want to be, who you want to become in the long-term and short term.

[Thursday, March 18, 18.00 – 19.30 CEST] Module 4: Making your vision a reality

Write down your goals, define your priorities and break them into achievable steps. Find your mentors and personal support team and start making a bold ask.

[Wednesday, March 31, 18.00 – 19.30 CEST] Module 5: Putting It All Together: Your Leadership Development Plan

Define your leadership style, create a strategic plan based on your vision and gain the mindset and confidence to rise to the highest level of leadership based on your potential and core values.

For a customized program for your team or company, please contact program@riseandleadwomen.com

How It Works

The program begins January 28 and runs for 9 weeks, during which you’ll go through five instructor-led training modules and four Mentor sessions with senior executives.

Training takes place every Thursday at 6 pm CEST. 

  • Attend the live group sessions (1 – 1.5 hours per week, twice a month ). If you are unable to attend, recordings will be made available to you. However, to get the maximum value out of this program, we strongly recommend following the live group sessions.
  • Join the group mentorship with established leaders and role models, once a month. (45 mins – 1 hour, once a month for 4 months)
  • Complete the self-paced worksheets and individual assignments in-between the sessions (1-2 hours per week). This personal work will help you improve your leadership and make strides in your professional growth.
  • Participate in class discussions, sharing insights, ideas, and supporting your peers.
  • Join the private Slack community, participate in discussions, and support one another. We will tap into one another’s collective wisdom, get honest feedback, and build relationships.

About Rise and Lead Women

Rise and Lead Women organization supports women in business with the tools, resources, and mentorship to elevate their career to top leadership roles so as to increase women’s representation in leadership.


Our world-class faculty features experienced leaders and executives who share actionable and practical tips based on their wisdom and several years of experience. They are authentic and will share the backstories and vulnerable moments behind their rise.

Training Instructors

Ebere Akadiri

Founder/CEO of Rise and Lead Women and Rise and Lead Summit

Visiting Guest

To Be Announced 

Program Fees

€155 of 5-monthly payment
Or one-time payment of €700 (excl. VAT)

Executive Leaders and Role Models

Cristina Falcone

VP, Public Affairs
UPS Europe

Rhonda A. Ocha

Director- Market Delivery
Mastercard Europe

Jennifer Eversen

Senior Director Professional Services
Benelux, Salesforce

Sheila Gemin

Client Executive Partner Banking &
Insurance at Atos Co-President PWN Global



What happens after I sign up for the Membership Program?

After signing up, you’ll immediately receive a confirmation email from program@riseandleadwomen.com indicating your next steps.

How do the mentor sessions work?

Mentor sessions work as part of our Connect2Gow session. You will have an opportunity to submit your questions every 2 weeks; we will invite an executive leader to share some insights on a thought-provoking topic and answer all your questions.

I cannot afford to sponsor myself; do you offer scholarships?

Yes. Click here to see if you qualify. https://rise-and-lead-institute.mykajabi.com/scholarship-application-rise-to-leadership-program. Scholarships are on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Is this leadership program only for individuals, or is it open to groups and organizations as well?

The Rise to Leadership program is for both individuals and businesses. For a customised group program, please contact us at program@riseandleadwomen.com.

Can I cancel my paid subscription at any time?

The payment program has been provided to offer leverage to those who cannot afford to pay in one go. So when you sign up, you will lock in 12 months of payment or otherwise, you can choose the one-time payment.

Does my payment give me access to the Connect2Grow Executive Circle Membership?

Your payment gives you a one year access to the Connect2Grow Executive Circle membership. Click here to learn more.

How much time do I need to commit for the entire program?

If you plan to work through the live program in real-time, we recommend between 2 – 3 hours to join the live session, watch the replay and complete your exercises. If you’d like – engage with your mentors, other participants and the community.

What is Connect2Grow Executive Circle Membership?

Please click here to learn more: https://riseandleadinc.com/connect2grow-executive-circle/

Can I contact you to learn more about the Program?

Absolutely! Please send an email to program@riseandleadwomen.com

For a customized program for your team or company, please contact program@riseandleadwomen.com